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CENIIT Projects 2021

Project Id Funding (KSEK) Project Name Project Leader e-mail
14.09 450 Interactive visual event-sequence mining Katerina Vrotsou katerina.vrotsou@liu.se
16.02 450 A genome-wide, multi-layered, network-based approach for personalised medicine Mika Gustafsson mika.gustafsson@liu.se
16.05 450 Optimeringsmetodik för storskaliga schemaläggnings- och resursallokeringsproblem: tillämpningar inom utveckling av avioniksystem Elina Rönnberg elina.ronnberg@liu.se
16.08 450 Energy management for heavy vehicles Jan Åslund jan.aslund@liu.se
17.01 450 Data and Networks in the Industrial Internet Andrei Gurtov andrei.gurtov@liu.se
17.05 450 Integration and Interoperability of Graph-Data Systems Olaf Hartig olaf.hartig@liu.se
17.09 450 Unraveling intravoxel tissue composition via diffusion MRI Evren Özarslan evren.ozarslan@liu.se
17.12 450 Applied Research Platform for Sensor Fusion Gustaf Hendeby gustaf.hendeby@liu.se
18.01 450 Bayesian methods for fMRI informed brain tumour treatment planning Anders Eklund anders.eklund@liu.se
18.04 450 Quantum communication based on next-generation telecommunication optical fibers Guilherme B. Xavier guilherme.b.xavier@liu.se
18.12 450 Low Latency Communications for Wireless Networks: Exploiting Traffic Characteristics Nikolaos Pappas nikolaos.pappas@liu.se
19.01 450 Hybrid Methods for Fault Diagnosis and Prognostics Daniel Jung daniel.jung@liu.se
20.03 450 The Complex Acoustic Surveillance and Tracking (COAST) project Isaac Skog isaac.skog@liu.se
20.08 450 Executable models for drug development Elin Nyman elin.nyman@liu.se
21.01 450 Reinforcement Learning for partially observable dynamical systems with continuous state and action spaces Farnaz Adib Yaghmaie farnaz.adib.yaghmaie@liu.se
21.09 450 Computational design for optimality and robustness in multi-physics and multi-criteria problems Carl-Johan Thore carl-johan.thore@liu.se
21.18 450 Wireless Network Design for Decentralized Machine Learning Zheng Chen zheng.chen@liu.se

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