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Finished CENIIT Projects

Project Name Project Leader Time
Computational color processing. Reiner Lenz, ITN, reile@itn.liu.se 1998-2003
Industriell användning av formella metoder. Ulf Nilsson, IDA, urn@ida.liu.se 1998-2003
Combinatorial optimization models and methods for cyclic sequencing. Maud Göthe-Lundgren, MAI, mabre@mai.liu.se 1998-2003
Design of heterogeneous embedded systems with distributed hardware/software components. Petru Eles, IDA, petel@ida.liu.se 1999-2004
Sensorbaserad styrning för intelligenta maskiner. Jonas Nygårds, IKP, jonny@ikp.liu.se 1999-2004
Efficient methods for parameter estimation from velocity data. Matts Karlsson, IMT, matka@imt.liu.se 1999-2004
Mixed analog and digital integrated circuits. Mark Vesterbacka, Jacob Wikner, ISY, isy@isy.liu.se 1999-2004
Design support systems in forestry based on optimization. Mikael Rönnqvist, MAI, miron@mai.liu.se 1999-2004
Multi-modal dialog systems for industrial applications. Arne Jönsson, IDA, arnjo@ida.liu.se 2000-2005
Fault tolerance in real-time distributed systems. Simin Nadjm-Tehrani, IDA, snt@ida.liu.se 2000-2005
Embedded database systems. Jörgen Hansson, IDA, jorha@ida.liu.se 2001-2006
Optimization algorithms for integrated code generation. Christoph Kessler, IDA, chrke@ida.liu.se 2001-2007
Design and implementation of digital signal processing systems. Håkan Johansson, ISY, hakanj@ida.liu.se 2001-2007
Optimal design och effektiv planering av telekommunikationssystem. Peter Värbrand, ITN, Peter.Varbrand@liu.se 2002-2007
Transparent access to multiple databanks in bioinformatics. Patrick Lambrix, IDA, patla@ida.liu.se 2002-2008
Testability-oriented design techniques for mixed-signal/RF integrated circuits. Jerzy Dabrovski, ISY, jdab@isy.liu.se 2003-2008
Diagnosis for industrial processes. Inger Klein, ISY, inger@isy.liu.se 2003-2008
Computational design. Optimization techniques for engineering design problems.. Johan Ölvander, IEI, johan.olvander@liu.se 2003-2008
Flexible frequency band reallocation. Per Löwenborg, ISY, perl@isy.liu.se 2004-2008
Inference of biological networks by data mining. Michael Hörnquist, ITN, Michael.Hornquist@itn.liu.se 2003-2009
Rekonstruktion av ofullständigt specificerade objekt. Peter Jonsson, IDA, petej@ida.liu.se 2004-2009
Modellbaserad diagnos av tekniska system. Erik Frisk, ISY, frisk@isy.liu.se 2004-2009
Optimization for gain scheduling Anders Hansson, ISY, hansson@isy.liu.se 2005-2010
Spectrum sensing techniques with cognitive radio applications Danyo Danev, ISY, danyo@isy.liu.se 2005-2010
Test design for computer systems with a life-time perspective Erik Larsson, IDA, erila@ida.liu.se 2005-2010
Robust planning systems for aerospace applications. Jonas Kvarnström, IDA, jonkv@ida.liu.se 2006-2011
Modeling and control of turbocharged combustion engines. Lars Eriksson, ISY, larer@isy.liu.se 2006-2011
Efficient storage and management of XML data Lena Strömbäck, IDA, lestr@ida.liu.se 2006-2011
Gene symbol disambiguation for drug discovery He Tan, IDA, hetan@ida.liu.se 2008-2011
A novel approach in multilinear least-squares with application to design of filter networks. Oleg Burdakov, MAI, olbur@mai.liu.se 2009-2011
Algorithm-hardware co-design for FPGAs Oscar Gustafsson, ISY, oscarg@isy.liu.se 2007-2012
Large MIMO Systems for High Throughput Reliable and Power-Efficient Wireless Communication Saif Khan Mohammed, ISY, saif@isy.liu.se 2012-2013
Automated planning and optimization of broadband radio access networks. Di Yuan, ITN, diyua@itn.liu.se 2008-2013
Learning Probabilistic Graphical Models of Gene Networks and Fault Networks Jose M. Peña, IDA, jospe@ida.liu.se 2009-2014
Virtual Global Shutters for CMOS Cameras. Per-Erik Forssén, ISY, perfo@isy.liu.se 2009-2014
Cryptography for Communication Security; research on the border between Quantum Cryptography and State-of-the-art Classical Cryptography Jan-Åke Larsson, ISY, jalar@isy.liu.se 2009-2014
Power amplifiers and massive MIMO Daniel Persson, ISY 2014-2014
Experimental Mechanics of Fluids and Materials Tino Ebbers, IEI, tino.ebbers@liu.se 2009-2015
EMI Reduction by Resonant Clock Distribution for Automotive Applications Behzad Mesgarzadeh, ISY, behzad@isy.liu.se 2010-2015
Stream-Based Reasoning Grounded Through Sensing Fredrik Heintz, IDA, frehe@ida.liu.se 2010-2015
Semantic Technologies for Decision Support - A Pattern-based Approach Eva Blomqvist, eva.blomqvist@liu.se 2012-2017
High dynamic range video with applications Jonas Unger, jonas.unger@itn.liu.se 2011-2017
Model based analysis of multimodal data sets for quantitative molecular and microcirculatory imaging Marcus Larsson, marcus.larsson@liu.se 2011-2016
A Cross-layer Approach to Reliability Optimization for Automotive Electronic Systems Unmesh Bordoloi, unmesh.bordoloi@liu.se 2011-2016
Avancerade optimeringansatser i MPC Johan Löfberg, johanl@isy.liu.se 2011-2016
Scalable and Efficient Content Distribution Niklas Carlsson, niklas.carlsson@liu.se 2011-2016
Realtids-MPC - MPC för snabba och kritiska system Daniel Axehill, daniel@isy.liu.se 2012-2017

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